Miss Philippines-Universe versus bashers

The Philippines candidate to Miss Universe has the face, the body, and the poise of a model like most of the past candidates possess. Miss Maxine Medina and Miss Pia Wutzbach are two different ladies. The former has the confidence and physique a Miss Universe candidate need to qualify, and she knows that. But she has difficulty in conveying her thoughts when it comes to the Question and Answer (Q&A) portion. The latter, on the other hand, expressed in her latest interview with another beauty queen, Mrs. Shamcey Supsup-Lee, that her forte was the Q&A portion but she was told when she was still a candidate that she needed to lose some weight and tone her body so her solution was to train in the gym. Miss Wurtzbach then concluded that if she felt confident of the Q&A portion of the pageant, then she has to pass the swimsuit and national costume portions first. And right there that is what Miss Medina must do however she needed to improve how she speaks to get that crown.

I find that there are two options she can avail of:

  1. Practice and practice. Miss Medina must practice and improve. Get her a tutor to tell her where she needs fixing in terms of speech and grammar. Like any other second language learner, she should learn where she commits an error. English is the language that most (if not all) of the judges so the answer she will give should be understood clearly. Her answers should be concise but concrete. The Q&A portion is quick so must her mind. Speaking in front of a huge crowd is daunting but a contestant such as her should remove that anxiety for at least a few minutes because it could affect the outcome. Or,
  2. Get a translator. If she can better express her answers in Filipino then why not speak in our language. The Filipino language is rich and beautiful. The only downside here is, hope it won’t happen though, that the translator fails to get the message accurately or the way Miss Medina intends to say. The translator must be excellent in what he or she does.

This is simply my opinion, and I know we have differing views but every opinion is correct. The bad habit of bashing or criticizing another person must stop. It won’t do both parties any good. Support is what needs to prosper to have an intellectual and fruitful discussion.


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