A Letter to undecided high school seniors

Now that you have finished high school, the next sensible step would be getting into a good college. If you can afford it then, by all means, you should. With faith and determination, it will give you a brighter future. There are a few things you must do to get the most out of your next four years or so.

  1. At your young age, you may not yet have decided what you want to do with the rest of your life. Let me repeat that: WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.

 Reality is that it’s not going to be a one-time thing. So you have to decide – you have to really think about it – what are the things you love to do, what is your personality, what is your preferences. Things like that. Colleges and universities offer a long list of degree programs but the thing is, you have little to no clue which is fit for you. The first step is to list down all the things you liked about when you were in high school. Think about: what are the subjects you enjoyed learning? What are your skills? Do you prefer hands-on type of work? Are you a problem-solver? Are you interested in making things look beautiful? Once you have done that, I want you to now rate each from 1 to 10 (1- least likely and 10-most likely).

     2. Consult your parents or teachers. Like I said in item 1, you are still very young.

Your parents know you more than anyone else in your life. Admit it. They have been there for you since day 1. It would be a shocker if someone else was. They practically understand your attitude and preferences. Your parents only want to give you all your best chances. So ask them to guide you. But I also would expect that not all have a good relationship with their parents. If you do then take notes from your second parents, your teachers. There are many teachers who have children of their own so they will give you the motherly or fatherly advice you direly need at this time of self-doubt. They don’t know you a lot but they know you in school and have seen you grow and learn, and so they at least have an idea. The common denominator between you and them is that we all go through the same phase. Get your ears ready and listen to them. And never. I mean NEVER be afraid to ask questions.

     3. Do research. Google it. Simply read.

When you are satisfied with the advice they have given you. And they may have mentioned career options you may find suitable to you, now is the time to do research. By researching online and offline, you will get to know more about the career options you were told to consider. However it may not tell you all about the field you will pursue. Next thing to research about is the career opportunities available in your area or country. The needs or demands of places differ from one another so understand which job is and which jobs that are not on demand. I would suggest you to download a job search app (or if you want the old-fashioned way, go and check out the classified ads inside your local newspaper). When you have decided which you like and will give you windows of opportunity in the future, it is time to choose a school.

    4. Choose a school, college, or university.

Again, do additional research. You want to get your best chance, and that is why you choose carefully which school you want to study at. If your chosen degree program has a board exam to become a licensed professional then you might want to see which school has good ratings because chances are those who studied at a notable institution will most likely pass the examination. Not only that but your name will be associated with the school you went to, and will eventually get hired faster than other passers. There are, however, instances that your school is not prioritized by employers but they would rather hire someone with better ratings and better skill set. Or in short, study well!

     5. Apply.

Applying for a college program takes a few simple steps. It may be tiresome but it will be worth it. Just one step at a time. Each school has its own system so have patience because complying to their requirements is part of the ballgame so roll with it. Fill out the form, pass the items, and viola, you are a step closer.

    6. Take the entrance/ admission test.

When you have received the test permit, you are now officially be allowed to take a whack of the college you want to enter. Your high school grades has a percentage in your admission so pray that your average is enough to get you in to a good school. Get your #2 pencil and eraser, and head down to that room you were assigned to take the test. Make sure to pack up some snacks, and dress appropriately. The admission test is a big part of the pie so answer as many as you can before you ran out of time.

Best wishes to all incoming college freshmen out there!



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